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High Definition Static Cameras

The First Choice to make

Internal or external views

See in the Dark

Motion Detection

Vandal Resistant

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High Definition Moving Cameras

360° Zoom Options for large areas and close up detail

Covering Multiple Risks from one Camera

Intelligent Sensor Triggered Views

Manual Control and Zoom

Automatic Patrolling Tours

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High Definition Recorder Servers

IP and Analogue Digital Recorders with Network Capability

Quality Recording Platforms

Intelligent Search Options

Management Viewing Software

Hybrid / Analogue IP Camera Options viewing software

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System Design and installation

What do you want to see and where from

In the Office

Out on my Smart Phone

At Home on my iPad

From Abroad

CCTV With A View To Your Needs

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The reputation of Diligent Vision Systems has been built on our Excellent Performance in Closed Circuit Television Installations System Designs, Proven Equipment, Service and Qualified Engineering Excellence. 

High quality and high resolution surveillance cameras form the first element of a complete video surveillance system and therefore have to be chosen particularly carefully.

We offer:

“send somebody to work this out for me please”

email: enquiries@diligentvision.co.uk

Onvif compliance , the use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products

Typical Sectors using our Services and Gallery example installations:

For Existing Analogue CCTV infra-structure sites : 

We can utilise legacy cabling and cameras with Hybrid and Tribrid Recording to enable the best of IP/HD and Analogue technology to work together.

If you would like a solution for the upgrading of existing security camera equipment and lease contracts or a brand new installation please contact us via the Free Phone 0808 100 25 10 or enquiries@diligentvision.co.uk

We install and support CCTV Systems in Cornwall  Devon  Somerset  Dorset  Hampshire  Wiltshire  Bristol Gloucester  Berkshire  Oxford  Bucks  Surrey  Sussex