CCTV Leasing

Typically it is the benefits that our clients require from their CCTV / Access control systems. All to often the trauma of crime happens when funds are unavailable. As an alternative to capital purchase, why not lease?

  • All payments made under lease agreements are fully tax deductible
    By leasing rather than buying CCTV equipment you can offset the full amount (100%) of each years lease rental payments against corporation tax, instead of an annual tax allowance of only 25% on the capital value of the equipment.
  • Immediate use of equipment without capital outlay
    Payments match usage – with leasing you can spread the cost of the equipment over its working life. As the rentals are based on the cost of the equipment at today’s prices and paid from tomorrows income, they represent a real safeguard against inflation.
  • Fixed prices means easy budgeting
    Fixed rentals are convenient in that they simplify budgeting and administration. Although most rentals are quarterly they can sometimes be structured to fit in with a customers specific budgetary needs.
  • Easy upgrades to maintain pace with changing technology
    You can take advantage of the latest technology by simply upgrading the equipment at any time during the contract with outstanding balances included in the new rentals.
  • Using leasing as another line of credit allows working capital to be released for other projects
    Leasing offers simple quick decisions. It also leaves existing credit lines and overdraft facilities undisturbed and unlike bank facilities cannot be withdrawn at short notice.

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