Intelligent Event Active recording

None of us have the time, or inclination to review hours of recordings, however when an ‘event’ has occurred easy access to the relevant data is essential to all of us.

“What we want is eyes in the back of heads !!”

Event Active - Diligent Vision Systems Ltd
HIK ANPR Page-Diligent Vision
HD_IR_Camera - Diligent Vision Systems Ltd
Luminite Wireless Genesis Sensor-Diligent Vision Systems

Intelligent Event Active cameras and recorders can provide:

  • Sensor triggered automatic pre-set camera positions
  • Activation of intruder lighting
  • Time Line of Motion Detection
  • Remote notification to the end user over the network or internet that an unusual event has occurred
  • Smart capture reviewing software
  • Notification to onsite security patrols with real time information, and live footage

“send somebody to work this out for me please”