Network/ Digital Video Recorders /Servers

Picture quality and ease of use have jumped forward massively since the days of video tape recorders. An enormous variety of picture transmission and image analysis functions provide a wealth of security and business management information never before available.

Intelligent searching and video motion detection allow easy access to relevant recorded information and alleviates the need to sit and trawl through hours of footage. Connection and configuring with a network or broadband router offers Remote Viewing of Live or Recorded information from Smart Phones or Device Apps.

Hybrid Recorders can integrate the best of an existing Analogue CCTV System with the benefits that HD and IP camera picture quality provides.

The VideoNetBox II is a compact appliance with a processing capacity for up to 8 IP video channels. It is perfectly suited for wall mountings and its compact and robust design allows for a flexible use. Together with the dedicated software SMAVIA Recording Server, it is the ideal IP security solution for smaller premises,loan workers and private residences.

The VideoNetBox II is a compact appliance with a processing capacity for up to 8 IP cameras

VNB-II - Diligent Vision Systems Ltd

The DMS 2400 II is a 24 IP camera high-performance appliance

dms2400 - Diligent Vision Systems Ltd

The DMS 2400 II is a high-performance appliance with a processing capacity for up to 24 IP video channels or a Hybrid combination of both IP and Analogue cameras. In conjunction with the dedicated software SMAVIA Recording Server it is an excellent cascadable IP security solution.

SMAVIA Viewing Client
The corresponding software SMAVIA Viewing Client allows for the independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over Ethernet (LAN/WAN). It can be run on devices with a Windows operating system and is included in the scope of delivery together with an access license.

DMVC Server
The integrated DMVC Server Software permits the access with the mobile app Dallmeier Mobile Video Center, that is available for iOS or Android operating systems. The display of live images and playback of recordings follow a special procedure which is independent of the recording settings of the appliance.

Open Platform
The pre-installed software SMAVIA Recording Server is designed as an open platform. Together with the according licenses, 3rd-party network cameras can be recorded with motion detection  and configured over the ONVIF protocol.

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