The System Design Process

The success of any system depends on the skill with which it is being designed, quality of equipment and installation. Our wealth of knowledge in system design began with early black and white tube technology right through to modern IP based systems.

In the minefield of products and technologies available, clients often require a ‘Pathfinder’ solution. Diligent Vision Systems offers a free of charge, no obligation, on site survey and consultation to assist in the designing of the correct CCTV system.

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Some questions you may wish to consider

How many areas do I need to see?
What specifically do I need to see?
Will I need to see in the dark?
Is there legacy wiring that we can utilise?
Are buildings, walls available to locate cameras on?
Are there positions vulnerable to tampering or vandalism?
Where are the nearest available power supplies or can we use POE?
Will ducts be required for cable routes?
Is there an IT infrastructure that could be utilised?

How long will I need recordings for?
Do I wish to use this information remotely over a network?
Do I need moving cameras to be controlled over the network?
Can moving cameras be triggered by movement to follow an intruder?
Can I see live and recorded pictures from my Smart Phone/Tablet?

“send somebody to work this out for me please”