Diligent Vision CCTV Products

All Diligent Vision installed CCTV products are based on system designs where the various components have an excellent pedigree for quality, reliability and a proven track record of compatibility in the numerous applications already successfully working.

Most installations use at least two different camera types the most common would be a number of internal building views (ie) Reception and Passageways etc with an external requirements to view Vehicle Parking and Deliveries normally with an Infra-Red capability. The third element is then the recording device and how it is to be viewed. Assuming this is all that is required then it is possible to use a single branded range.

However if other factors are introduced which require more specialist equipment, such as observing a process in manufacturing or food production, a camera that can survive in a pressure cleaned enviroment would be more appropriate and operating outside one product range would be beneficial to the user and therfore intergrating succesfully with the other devices will be crucial.

“send somebody to work this out for me please”

For additional guidelines regarding UK Police requirements for Digital CCTV systems click here.

IP Cameras-Diligent Vision Systems
360 Degree Pan,Tilt & Zoom IP Dome-Diligent Vision Systems
dms2400 - Diligent Vision Systems Ltd
ANPR examples-Diligent Vision Systems
Stainless Steel Camera- Diligent Vision
External IP Static with Infra-Red Illumination-Diligent Vision Systems
Onvif compliance , the use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products